Moonlove Funk STEMS / Instrumental

First track/single on Cullahsus. Moonlove Funk. Who wants it? 🙂 😀 These are UNMASTERED STEMS :!wFUFmCBY!fLwycGAQzYajAtcVDTWXPg  Also, here is a MASTERED instrumental:!sAUCnI5B!nuPwK2jc49tnsdynzjjN3sMZszSuZxuWJZQxKZyNWXE  Love y’all!! Happy Album Release Drop Day!

Cullahsus DROP

This year marks my 12th year releasing an album on my birthday. It also marks my 27th and Golden birthday. This album “Cullahsus” is an amalgamation of the last year’s thoughts, emotions, subconscious, and ego all trying to communicate. The best way I found how to give them rascals a voice is through song. These […]

Moonlove Funk

Cullahsus is mere days away. Here is a single from that record called “Moonlove Funk” OH and check out how beautiful the album cover is 🙂

2017 $$ ?

Doing my taxes/healthcare forms and… Thanks to EVERYONE who has contributed. Honestly, this Patreon has made an absolute HUGE difference. I learned a lot about my own personal finances in a world of a musician. It’s much different than a salaried job I used to do. Harder in some ways, but easier in others. It’s […]

A “Blazing Day” with The Comrades

This past year I’ve been working with a project called “Cullah & The Comrades”. Essentially, there’s a few great local musicians that help me arrange my songs for live performance. And then we go ahead and perform it. I am really enjoying seeing my music continue to evolve through performance and collaboration with musicians. “Blazing […]

King Jebediah (The Falcon Messiah)



So, I haven’t been as active making videos in the past few months. I am really missing it, not going to lie. I’ll at least have a nice video for the Cullahsus release 🙂 HOWEVER, I haven’t been idle or stagnant. I have been focusing a lot on performance. I have not been playing regularly […]

It’s 2018. Less than 100 days till Cullahsus

Hello everyone! I trust everyone had a great holiday season spent with loved ones with good food and cheer! I had a great one. Right until my apartment got broken into and my computer was stolen on Christmas Day 🙁  -$1000 🙁 I just want to say that, because of the support of patrons and […]

Benign To Thrive

OK GUYS. Here is 131 bpm of groove. Still working on vocals, arrangement, and all that but, damn, this will sound awesome on the album!  Anyone want stems? <3

Joe Cocker – You Are So Beautiful

 This is my rendition of Joe Cocker’s version of “You Are So Beautiful.” One of my favourites.  The video was also dedicated to a nice girl in England’s 16th birthday.


Hello 🙂 No stems here 🙁 — it’s only two tracks (one for banjo/voice and another for the harmonies). Unless you guys want that? I wrote this song a few months ago and put a demo on my YouTube but now I think this is the start of the final song! I am playing around […]

Fratney5 (STEMS)

Hello All, As per request, here is some stems to a new song I am working on. It is an epic folk tale about a man who fought three brown bears.  Maybe you’ll use them!? If not, just take a listen to what I have so far.!dctDybLb!TG_mfoL2s88cJ5nRCUJ7LQ 


If fratney4 was one on end of the spectrum, this song is on the other end. This is some grooove!!! Falling in love with this. This will definitely make it on Cullahsus album. Anyone got any ideas? I would love to hear what you think. Keep in mind that this is just a work-in-progress. Cullahsus […]

Grandmaster Blues

Grandmaster Blues is a song I wrote in 2009 which amalgamates (sick werd brah) a lot of my favorite blues tropes all in one simple blues song.  Extra points to those of whom the allusions don’t elude them.  Minus points to me for the aspect ratio of the video. 

A Patreon Milestone – Feedback wanted :)

Hello lovely patron persons! We are now at 5 patrons. Just wow. So happy at the progress so far here. I am hoping we can continue to build this page and use Patreon to its full potential for Cullahborating. So, I am using this post this here to see if you are interested in giving […]

Hurrycane (demo)

Here’s a little diddy i’ve been tiddling with. It’s about being stuck in the eye of a hurricane for so long that you’ve grown quite bored of the quiet and would much rather be out in the stormy winds.  My heart and thoughts go out to all those being effected by Hurricane Irma and Harvey. […]

fratney4 update!

Here’s a new version of the track with some low-end rumbling at the end. There is not too much more I think I can do with this — it’s close to being a complete song. I still need to work on the transitions and re-record some vocals. I would like some female vocals on there […]

Cullahsus (2018)

Hey Patrons! So, 2018 is another year. With another year, comes another album. This next year’s album is looking to be a wild rush of jumping from genre to genre and mood to mood. I love it! Here is a track I’ve been working on for that album that is a mysterious, haunting minimalist vocal/violin […]

Cullahmity (2017)

Hello all. Here is my 11th and latest (totally free) album called Cullahmity. It is a folk/blues/americana album. I hope you enjoy it.