Spectacullah Instrumentals

WAV MP3 Tracklist Spectacullah Vernacullah I Don’t Mind It Turn Tail And Run Love You Gotta Be Conduct Bow White Crow Flies If a song is not included, it is either lost or not instrumentalable:    

Spectacullah preview: Weil22

i’d save the sun from a rainy dayi’ll just close my eyes and wish it away i’d brave the desert from the bitter coldto harden my feet and strengthen my toes i met an angel who started to cryshe said your love is fadingand you’re going to die i’d pleaded repeatedly hoping she’d sayi’ll lend […]

Spectacullah Preview: Weil15

Spectacullah Preview: Weil15 A picture of a wheel because weil sounds like wheel. Let’s get sexy y’all. ? Like it and want to license it or put it on your video? Gimme a shout and let’s make it happen.

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