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Written: Cullah,rnCharlie Janicki


Produced: Cullah

Drums: Patrick Mullen

Trumpet: Charlie Janicki

Boomer: David Iovenelli


All Other Instruments:rnCullah


Spoken Word: AlanrnWatts – Being Aware of Awareness



Alan Watts:
And so there came a point in our evolution when we didn’t guide life by just trusting our instincts and had to think about it and had to purposefully arrange and discipline and push our lives around in accordance with foresight and words and systems of symbols, accountancy, calculation and so on. And then we worry. Once you start thinking about things, you worry as to if you’ve thought enough…..

grab ahold

grab ahold

take my hand and follow me

where we’re going

where we’re going

there are things for the eye to see

when we’re over there

you’ll feel it all around

let it all come through

all the love for you

there aint a thing

there aint a thing

there aint a thing that will frighten you

theres peace of mind

theres peace of mind

flooding all over you

when you whistle loud

the clouds whisp into sound

over and around

it shakes all of the proud

it’s powerful!

the voice of love

the voices of your brothers

we’re bound to fall

but most of all

we all get back up together

have mercy lord

my entire world

lord have mercy

my mind is thirsty

come along

come along

come along and follow me

the light of day

the dark of night

will oscilate all throughout your life

when you don’t divide

then you will be fine

but if you don’t abide

you’ll be pushed aside

apropos, it’s time to go

come along and don’t say goodbye

open wide

open up your mind

let all of your spirit flow

now your gunna find

peace flood through your mind

breathe all of it in

and burn right through your skin

right through your skin

don’t you wanna seperate your

body from your mind

dont you wanna dance with the devil

to see what you can find

don’t you wanna feel the thunder

deep in your waking slumber

don’t you want to wake up knowing

where you do belong