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Music: Cullah - "I'm a Lonely Soul"
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Music by Cullah

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Written and Produced by: Cullah

“I do wish you would get over breaking men’s hearts” audio clip is from radio serial Love Story Magazine 37-08-20 (22) – Forgotten Girl



cause i aint supposed to cry
and i aint supposed to run
but a woman started hurtin me
tearin peaces one by one
all i wanted was some love
but now im left with noone
all i asked was for your love
i just want to love someone
so now im alone
im alone
im alone
im a lonely soul
i guess i never played before
i guess i dont know the game
if i put aside my foolish thoughts
i surely i am to blame
ive got an aching hole in my heart
that might take years to kill
all i can hope is for
someone for my heart to fill
so now im alone
im alone
im alone
im a lonely soul