15. Straight to Heaven



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some way out side
of our galaxy
i see a light
approaching me

its jupiter
and saturn
and the sun combined
a pattern climbs on
straight to heaven

a strange contraption
a fraction of the
way it used to happen back then

starry night
controls our light
we take to flight
with all of our might
spent toghether

time spent inside
is a waste of time you see
a motion to climb
and conqeor sublime
the dark energy sea

time travel
to another galaxy is possible
just close your eyes
and think of times
when the world seems less liable
straight to heaven

i wonder if the knowledge
from the future wanders
truthfull in the current
hateful fate of society at hand

grateful stars
are ripped apart
as the black hole wrecks the universe
we take our place
at the hand of creation
the architect goes
straight to heaven