5. Freed From Greed



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Music: Cullah - "Freed From Greed"
Under CC BY license: http://cullah.com

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Music by Cullah

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if your talking about glitter and gold

if your talking bout never growing old

if your talking bout seeing through clouded eyes

piling up all your things till it, till it reaches the skies

close your mouth, brother

take a breath, brother

open your eyes

open your eyes

if your pointing your finger at everyone else

if the point to your life is to just gain wealth

if your preying on everyone who don’t have a prayer

keeping it all to yourself when you, you got plenty to spare

you keep it all, brother

you’re gone fall, brother

open your arms

open your arms

i say to you my brother

do not paint me as other

we are the sun and the moon

we are the light from the sun

like a baby in the womb

to be born as someone. 

what’s so to you

is so to me

it’s so to us

i say to you my brother

show respect to your mother

she is the earth and the love

that we never tire of

like the blood in our veins

breathing away all our pains

what’s so to you

is so to me

it’s so to us