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Cullah & The Comrades play a spectacle of Milwaukee strut -n- stroll rock -n- roll. Backed by talent of The Comrades, Cullah's ability to bend and transcend genres leads for an exciting and captivating performance through style and sound. Cullah's unassuming presence exists in stark contrast to his voluminous vocal chords. If you get the chance to meet Ian, it is difficult to imagine the sound of his voice coming out of his body. But it is his singing voice that makes that inner monologue so much more powerful. Listening isn’t optional, you’re going to hear it whether you like it or not.

Cullah (Milwaukee, WI) is a multi-disciplinary musician and engineer who writes, records, and releases an album every year on April 27th (his birthday) since 2006. Each album reflects the eclectic musical styles that Cullah draws from -- an autobiographical journey of musical expression. His mother was one of seventeen children all classicly trained musicians who performed The Wolff Family Band. His father is a mathematician and computer scientist raised on a Missouri farm, entranced with the Earth and the limits of the cosmos. With the juxtaposition of the two inspirations and tools, Cullah was brought up with the awareness of the balance between the creative and logical aspects of natural law.

Genre-busting Milwaukee singer Cullah is a restless soul, a natural crooner whose tastes lean toward a little bit of everything. His records blend soul, electronic, trip-hop and blues, modernizing classic sounds in the spirit of The Black Keys while drawing from outside influences that group has never touched. The topics of his songs cover a broad spectrum, from building space ships and surviving gas station robberies, to coming together in unity and promoting a never quit mentality. With a heavy focus on love, harmony and self-reflection, Cullah’s music inspires the listener to find their hidden powers within themselves to achieve their dreams.



Helios 3

I Ceased To Be



Cullah releases all his music under a royalty-free creative commons license. Also, he releases the music open-source.

Check out this conversation with Cullah and Chris Messina (inventor of the hashtag).


"You will be hard pressed to find any act, local or otherwise, that sounds like Milwaukee’s Cullah."
- Breaking and Entering

"I’m not sure there is a better pure vocalist in Milwaukee (or possibly even in the 500 mile radius). "
- Commonstate

"With a unique voice, eclectic palate and magnetic presence, Cullah is a standout and his progression as an artist has been manifold — in the studio and out."
- RadioMilwaukee

“There’s something very special about Cullah that draws people to his music and makes his supporters stick around for the long haul.”
- Michele Rosado — Smoky Water Studio

"Rhodes-biased soul funk, delicious autotuned vocals, down-tempo-dominated and chiptune-backed rhythms,
synthesized psychedelic buzz girders, rolling-crackling electro synths, and even a bit louchè dance beats.

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Nominated for five 2017 889 RadioMilwaukee Music Awards

Album of The Year  | Song of The Year | Best Album Artwork | Solo Artist of the Year | Independent Release of the Year


Nominated for five 2018 889 RadioMilwaukee Music Awards

Album of The Year  | Song of The Year | Best Album Artwork | Solo Artist of the Year | Best Music Video