7. Let Do
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listen to the television
what it’s telling you

listen to your teacher
don’t try to think it through

remember this
or you’ll end in the gutter

it’s ain’t your business
to provide for another

the other
the others are fine
your brother
and your sister
and your mother
are only worth money

don’t you know
they’re only worth money
you’re only worth money
now pay whats due
now pay whats due
now pay whats due
Let do

never strive to thrive
unless it’s more for less

nice guys finish last
if you haven’t guessed

step on step over
where you gotta step

if people are gonna die
then place your bet

they’re only worth money
they’re only worth money
now collect what’s due
collect your dues
collect your dues
collect your dues
Let do!

there’s never enough to go around
i know it’s tough
it’s always been that way
and it’s here to stay
it’s infinite want
and scarcity
those are the rules
you’ll never be free
but who cares?
i’m hungry
and i’ll take it
from you
because i know
God is money

the iron fist
is a little bitch
compared to the hidden hand
it aint even competition, man
we got all necessary illusions
we got all consent engineered
we got all the people busy
yelling at eachother in fear
praise to the money from war for peace
we don’t even need chains to have slave

Song Notes

Mixing: Mike Noyce

“Let Do” is a synth-pop-punk vibe about the philosophical and economic problems of human value vs. capital value. “Let Do” comes from the French term “Laissez-faire” which is associated with the economic system of the “free market”. This song is a satirical exercise from the perspective of someone who believes monetary values are greater than all other human values.

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