13. Lucy
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ive never cried
all my life
till i met
you girl

its simple oh
your really cruel
you never see me
when i want you to
you got me goin
i got you to
if your scared ill
come to the rescue

yunno ive fallen
in love girl
ill pick myself up
and the whole world
the way you move
im shiverin
its a sea of love
that im drownin in

well you don’t know
ill make it clear
you got someone
who loves you dear
i know your scared
afraid to love
but im here
to make your heart rise above

lucy on my mind
wont you chose me
lucy on my mind

lucy on my mind
wont you chose me
lucy on my mind

oh lucy
ah lucy
you got me hotter
than the center of the sun

oh lucy
yea lucy
you got me sittin
in a cool cool sweat

oh you said lucy
your gunna be mine
but you know that
your not even tryin

i sent you flowers
just to tell you how i feel
but i still dont know
if your love for me is real

i know im dramatizing
but when the sun is shining
i think of you
it gets my tounge tied
it gets my mind fried
it gets my eyes wide open
now i see so i sing


oh lucy
ah lucy
you give me shivers
right down my backbone

oh lucy
yea lucy
you get me hot
even when im in the cold

oh lucile
what even is your deal?
i send you all my love
but then you file an appeal
am i mistaken?
are you still taken?
it seems to me
to be the latter of the two

i want you
to fly into my arms
untie your chains
and show me all your charm
i want you
to hold me real tight
ill tell you oh i love you
and that everythings all right

i want you
to want me
im on my knees
just to beg and just to plea

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