4. Neurosis Of The Liver
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everywhere i go i
stroll around and to the side
every so often i might
fall over to the left and the right
i never could hold on
no matter how hard i try
maybe next week 
maybe next month 
now i know i’m no picasso
but i feel like a blue soul
face twisted and my wrists sore
from when i fell down a stairwell
hell let’s try and make a combo
face first then the legs will follow
maybe next time
after the next wine
one drink for my trouble
two drinks for my love
three drinks to blind my pain
and then another one for my wobble
now i’m wollowing and morbidly formed
i can say for sure i’m scorned
now i’m
right home to my bed
 to try to dream it all away
i don’t know how i can even keep it going
screaming every night into the morning
wake up early and start my groaning
my bodies freezing as it starts snowing
the midwest aint the best for a night’s rest
when your falling on your face and you break your chest
trying to survive
but the winter aint mild
you might say that you’re pushing yourself down
and your the only man standing in your way
then you’d prolly say your drinking till your drowned
don’t you know it’s your body that will pay
and i could say that your crazy and a liar too
but in the back of my mind i’d know the truth
i’ve had it
i’m basically an addict
pulling apart my heart
it’s problematic
well i couldn’t say live or die
i can only say that’ll i try
well i could say life or death
but i know it’d be a wasted breath
deep in my blood
bleeding out through love
all my problems flash into a flood
one more bartender
one more please
i got a whole lot of pain to drink out of me

Song Notes

Written and Produced:rnCullah


All Instruments:rnCullah

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