2. Riverse
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i rush fast

like the rapid river

a rough and heavy

steady flow

the rocks stop me

for a moment

but i weave above

and bend below

i eat what is fed me

i can cause a deadly blow

still the river flows

and only heaven knows

where the to is fro

where the rivers flow

valley to valley

rough to rough

i don’t know

when enoughs enough

over the mountain

up to the heavens

i follow the current

of the river’s flow

of the river’s flow

here we go now

heed the river

now we know we gotta

heed the flow

here we go now

heed the moment

when you toss and turn below

here we go now

heed the current

the river shines

with a dangerous glow

up from a spring

down from the rain

no matter what

i will still remain

from the beginning

right to the end

i follow the flow

of the river’s bend

of the river’s bend


Song Notes

Written and Produced: Cullah

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