9. To The Rhythm Of The Funk
  • Play To The Rhythm Of The Funk




hey man on the left
man on the right
man, it’s a matter of the middle
take a good look
take a side step
wake your brain up to the riddle
all of your mind
both of your ears
take a hard listen to all the revel
revel revel revel
floating in the sky
wondering why
shooting down electric lightning
and up from above
were gods of love
telling me that life ain’t fearful
they’re telling me son
walk don’t run
you gotta whole lot of loving going on
take a deep breath
listen to the past
try to be the best, like everlast
forget the rest
there anybody’s guess
life ain’t a test
so live fast
my dear son
i’m the god of love
made from the righteous power
on the most righteous hour
let me hear your reaction son
sing loudly, proudly
so loud it’s astounding
make it
no more
hate fate
just wait
it aint
too late
only grows
oh this i know
what your missing
you got to be free, yea
be free, yea
be free, yea
be free, yea
be free, yea
be free
free free
you gotta be free
you gotta be free
to feel real freedom
listen to me brother
i went to the heavens and back
so i know for a fact
that your fear
isn’t a factor
it won’t effect ya
if you reflect on
all of your lovin and your grooving
cause when your body gets a moving
then your mind will start tuning
the the rhythm of the funk

Song Notes

Written: Cullah

Produced: Cullah

Trumpet: Charlie Janicki, Brett McCormick

Upright Bass Sample: FUNK GROOVE DOUBLE BASS LESSON with Geoff Chalmers

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