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my name is cullah
welcome to my album one half

you see i’m one half music
and the other half of me is, well, i don’t know

strap in and get ready
to collide with the my mind
to reflect your soul
and bind with it all
we’ll see what we can find
and see where we can go

and say my my my
i shall one day be whole
two halves behold!

the oldest story ever told
now unfolds

i’ve found it
the secret
that makes opposite equal

why your good
and evil
fight like the
snake and eagle

this secret
i will tell
is an old
magic spell

two halves behold
one half a man
and one half soul
two halves behold!

Behold also the Executive Producers of One Half
and their names are
Emily Bell, Tim McCullough, Ryno The Bearded and The #OO Show, Kayla McCullough, Tim Creed, Ginny McCullough, Emily Bell

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