All The Cullahs Of The Rainbow Instrumentals

WAV MP3 Tracklist Download my 2010 album All The Cullahs Of The Rainbow as Instrumentals (songs with no vocals).Two versions of digital All The Cullahs Of The Rainbow album: 48k wav / 320 mp3 Tracklist: Indephatigable Possibilities Mo Saol Referent Power Forbidden Blues When Microphones Attack Mutha Fuckin Troglodytes J6 On The Rising Sun The […]

Spectacullah Instrumentals

WAV MP3 Tracklist Spectacullah Vernacullah I Don’t Mind It Turn Tail And Run Love You Gotta Be Conduct Bow White Crow Flies If a song is not included, it is either lost or not instrumentalable:    

Cullahmity Instrumentals

WAV MP3 Tracklist Breakup Breakdown Lady We Knew Lonely Spider Rhapsody in Lieu of Etude Heaven’s Garden I’m On My Way If a song is not included, it is either lost or not instrumentalable:    

Trinity Instrumentals

WAV MP3 Tracklist Mission District Swedish Hohner Waltz – 1:04  Comfort To You – 5:00  Bradycardia – 4:25  Yes Ma’am – 3:35  Freed From Greed – 2:44  Aisling – 4:09  

Cullahnary School Instrumentals

WAV MP3 Tracklist A Man With a Golden Soul Wander and Ramble Soul Challenger Break The Sun Drums of War to Drums of Peace A Place I Know Two Eyes The Declaration of Independance  I’m a Lonely Soul  Blazing Day Rising Up Not included — lost / not instrumentalable: Hail To The Cavemen, On The […]

Cullahsus Instrumentals

Ok, so STEMS are good and all. Of course, they will be released with my new album on April 27th. But, a lot of times the stems are not mixed/mastered to nice levels and all that. If you don’t have experience with sound design, it can be an issue. I had an idea — I […]

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