1. Breakup Breakdown





then cullah turned into cullahmity  

into cullahmity


ima tell ya bout a woman whose heart is sunshine

whose body burned hot

ima tell ya bout a woman whose cold as tundra

with some frozen eyes

you could tell by way she moves

that she cares, and it’s lovely too

ima tell ya bout a story of a broken man

how it began and how it ends

what he didnt understand

is all the love he had in his hands


just woke up one morning and said

“i can’t get her out my head””


and blind

confused he’d lost his mind

what sense

he had

was sour and tasted bad

her smell

and her sound

made his heart broke and bound

love is a spell

its a form of mind control

and if could tell then

he was transfixed amidst a mixed mist

and that never ends well

he was once in love with a lady