1/2 album artwork sneak peek!

Danny Duffy is hard at work! Here’s a sketch of a portrait he did of me. Something that is the building blocks for a really fantastic piece for the album. More behind-the-scenes vids and audio coming soon too!

On My Way To You (cover)

Enjoy this patrons only cover of Cody Johnson’s tune. Also here’s a little sneak peek at the environment where I’m gonna be finishing up my album. It’s a special place in a warehouse in Milwaukee that hopefully you’ll see some livestreaming out of. And other awesome behind the scenes stuff for patrons only! The router […]

$25+ Patrons

Hello all 25+ patrons! What a crazy time we’re in… the future of gigging is so confusing still today. I’m hoping we’re at the start of opening all up, but Coronavirus seems to here to stay. Some isolated opportunities are starting to pop up for gigs, but full-on touring seems still remote. But, meanwhile, I […]

“Another Day Another Dollar” Cover

I hope you guys are enjoying the album. I had a couple days rest but back at it. Here’s another exclusive cover song 🙂 This song always gives me shivers.

Cullahtivation Album Bonus

As a thank you, please head to my secret stash and download Cullahtivation 12 hours earlier than everyone else 🙂 https://www.cullah.com/stash  I enourage you to share but please do not publicly post any of the music until April 27th. Thanks to all of you who helped make this happen. I am so humbled and grateful […]

Patrons Only “Piano Man” Cover

Another fun cover! This time it’s Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”.  Trying to get more reps on my keyboard and these covers help. TOMORROW! Tomorrow I will be posting the BONUS ALBUM 1 Day Early for $5+ Patrons!!!! Stay tuned for That! If you leak it I will never make music again…..haha jk but seriously

Patrons Only “What A Wonderful World”

Hello Lovely Patrons! Please enjoy this Patrons-only cover of one of the world’s most treasured songs.  I want to thank you guys for another year of continued support and patronage.   Your support means more than you know. It is the reason I am able to give music to the world. A very wonderful world 🙂 […]


Join me on April 27th when I release my album #Cullahtivation and go live with all of you! I need your help, though. Send me a video of you doing something fun/creative to help Cullahtivate yourself during this quarantine. Then, during the livestream, I’ll play it for everyone! Keep it less than 3 minutes if […]

Cullahtivation ? teaser

Cullahtivation drops April 27, 2020 onhttps://www.cullah.comhttp://freemusic.land This song is half of the title track “Cullahtivation Revelation”. Cultivate yourselfLet your virtue become realCultivate your familyLet your virtue growCultivate your worldThen your virtue is everywhere Cullahtivation this year has been a really a confusing emotional journey. As most things are, as they are happening. With every album […]

The Woodlouse (Cullahtivation Preview)

Hello friends! I’m getting quite excited about my Cullahtivation release. Can’t you tell? Haha I’m happy to share this banjofull folk story The Woodlouse A woodlouse is also known as pillbug, roly poly, potato bug, etc.  It’s a story of a hard-working father and the trials he must face in order to provide for his […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Today is the celebration of the Christian myth of the birth of Jesus the Divine Child. The Divine Child is an archetypal figure in myth and psychology. If we tend to him properly, he can help integrate our psyches and enhance our spirituality. The Christmas holiday prompts us to do so. The child […]

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