This year marks my 12th year releasing an album on my birthday. It also marks my 27th and Golden birthday.

This album “Cullahsus” is an amalgamation of the last year’s thoughts, emotions, subconscious, and ego all trying to communicate. The best way I found how to give them rascals a voice is through song. These albums usually are a very lonely pursuit for me and can end up being quite personal — sometimes overtly, sometimes not. Naturally, finishing one of these is an incredible emotional release, not just a digitally. That means I will sleep very well tonight.

These albums mean a great deal to me. In a few years, my albums will account for over 50% of my life. I can’t wait. I plan to continue this for as long as I can. So far so good.

Listen with the link below you care to! It is free, after all. Thank you all for the opportunity to share with you my album “Cullahsus”. I love you all dearly. 

By the way, Patrons, you will get a fully instrumental version of this album ASAP!