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So, I haven’t been as active making videos in the past few months. I am really missing it, not going to lie. I’ll at least have a nice video for the Cullahsus release 🙂

HOWEVER, I haven’t been idle or stagnant. I have been focusing a lot on performance. I have not been playing regularly (at least 2-3x month) with 5-6 other supporting musicians. I have been learning a friggin’ ton! And I have so much more planned. Honestly, I never performed before my album Cullahmity so — the art, the scene, the network — these are all new to me.

Performance is a completely different beast as to composition and recording. I am making strides! I am excited to be finally performing with my band The Comrades outside of Milwaukee for the 1st time at Nomad World Pub in Madison. This will be a good first “toe-dip” before going on a slightly-larger “tour” around Wisconsin/Minnesota in the summer. Here’s a nice lil pic of the dudes. Nice guys. All talented musicians I am very lucky to work with.

The Comrades