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looks like its pourin in my soul
its a low blow
more disrespect than han solo

in control

read more than dream gore
candle sticks at night
hopin that its all right

my pencil goes haywire
when it sees fire
drastic attire desires to conspire
inspiration goes so far as to seem dire

on the pavement i was a young boy
lookin through the eyes of helen of troy
one two three days it takes to blaze past
red blue yellow black contrast
time as an essence unsurpassed
rhyme is a lesson learnt last

wait longer than any man yonder
so fond of her
as time grows longer
hope is not yet stronger than to ponder
the meaning of strife
goes hand and hand with trouble and life

oh the world is evolving
my time here resolving

kick back wait a while
go back to living beguiled

only now is the time resigned
waitin for the find of a century to rewind

go back in time
see the line
thats so divine yet divides
our strides and hides our lives
true goals in mind
red bowls of wine
dime grime goes back to old times
when things were changed
kings were deranged
people were arranged
exchanged with photochemicals
blasted aerographically
mastered lithologically
words are not yet discovered
thoughts not yet uncovered

but yet
the world goes on
the sun shines on
my mind runs on
thinks about hears about
dreams about dreams of foregone times
forgotten spines
skulls of mine

drag your feet
wag your fingers at the meek
play the accordian
dont even speak
trapped for a week and
still on a winning streak
life has reached its peak
live the teqnique: unique

Song Notes

Original Accordion sample: Yann Tierson – La Noyee

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