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Andy Giotia (Sleepy Gaucho) is a guitarist, singer-songwriter from Milwaukee who makes contemporary cowboy music.
More than nearly any other musician in the Milwaukee scene, Klassik wears many hats: rapper, soul man, producer, collaborator, mentor, keeper of the American songbook.

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John Griffin bakes alternative grain-free and vegan cookies called MyCookie. He also writes songs and makes digital art under the name bum alum. 
Kennita is the owner of Catera, a business helping creatives, entrepreneurs and politicians to be seen and heard. She is also Director of Artist Support and Outreach for Imagine MKE. And a lover of independent arts scene.
Dad is an Artist, Rapper, and Comedian. Dad (Joey Dadass) has high-octane horsepower running through his veins. Check out his vibes at
Join me in Cullahvision. My (mostly) weekly live-stream where I do things music related.
Clare McCullough is a poet, artist, and musician. She is also Cullah's sister.
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