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Multifaceted Milwaukee artist and designer David Mark Zimmerman, known for his vibrant paintings, imaginative live art, pique-worthy patterns, and mesmerizing murals; Bigshot Robot's creations are a collection of curiosity, vibrancy, humor and energy.
Meghan Stark is a web developer, designer, and motorcycle enthusiast who resides and rides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when she isn’t traveling for business and pleasure. She is a published poet and founder of Great Lake Supply Co., a moto and coffee inspired brand.Follow Meghan: IG: @starknakkedFollow Great Lakes Supply Co: IG: @greatlakesupplyco
Aria Pedraza is an Esthetician and Founder of Mettā LashMettā Lash strives to cultivate a synergistic experience of professionalism, mastery in technical skill and individualized care within every specialized lash service in the Milwaukee area.Follow Aria: IG: @ariapedrazaFollow Mettalash: IG: @mettalash
A righteous heathen and agent of change, Marina Dove is a Milwaukee based actor, musician, and stylist.Follow Marina:IG: @marinadoveTwitter: @marina_doveSupport local theater:
Valerie Lighthart is a writer, photographer, filmmaker, actress, and singer. Join Cullah and Valerie as they chat about the new film they made together: "I Ceased To Be".Follow Valerie: IG: @valerielighthart