14. Behemothian Rhapsody
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The Bohem

no more
no more worries

take a deep breath
of the sweet country air
put some sunshine in your pocket
or moonbeams if you dare

walk through a golden meadow
feel time pass you by
hear the wind whisper
“oh i can teach you how to fly””

walk through some frozen tundra
ones that tickle at the touch
never thought id love the cold
i never thought id love it this much

dont worry yourself
with worries or with strife
unless your  worries consist
of a gun or a knife

your prolly ponderin
whats  wrong with wonderin woes?
as little worry now and then
keeps the  socks on my toes

id like to say your right
but your not

Song Notes

not  quite
having too much worry
is just plain impolite

empty  the worries from your mind
till its barren
and listen to the words
of  the great Bobby McFerrin

just dont worry
just be happy
love peace and harmony
its really simple actually

no more
no more worries


what was it like
when you rode on a toad?
listening carefully
to the stories of old

crimson sun
on the run from a hole
as black as some coal
contrasted to snow

what was it like
when you stood by christ?
as he sat in the alleyway
shootin some dice

jesus won every game
then he gloated
he only won games
cause his dice was loaded

what did you think
he wasn’t sour but was sweet?
hate to break it to you
but jesus is a cheat

never saw it coming
never thought hed get arrested
bested by the men
that he detested


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