7. Forbidden Blues
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but you gone left me
but you gone left me
left me with an empty
feeling in my head see

vision gets hazy
disease you done gave me
aims right to pain me
betchya think im crazy

ooh child
whatchya goin cry?
ill wipe all the
tears that are pouring your eyes

i said hey girl
i dont wanna leave you just yet
i just wanna please you
releave you
i need you
but your just out of reach

every night
by the night light
i see your sillhouwet
it makes my knees shake
and my palms sweat

by my bedside
i think i see a glimpse of your face
i lose every single breath
and every single taste

a flower blooms wide
every hour in my mind
my heart skips five beats
and then it rewinds

only yesterday
you were sittin on
my lap you know
and it was all happenin

an inch from heaven
whenever youd speak
my heart would dance
to the rhythm of your speech

so the season soars softly
through the door
like an apple whose
sweet to the core

dont see
dont mind
dont see cause i made
myself blind

hit me once
hit me twice
hit me so hard
i need a bag of ice

they dont sell ice
for the soul?
thats alright
i dont prefer to be cold

im silent
the forbidden blues
the forbidden blues

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