8. When Microphones Attack
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When Microphones Attack

Phew, Now they’re gone
That door leads to the master mechanical brain.
Let’s go….

Wait! Don’t touch that knob! It’s electrified!

microphone attacks
and the block went crazy
when the flows riding
and the beats grinding

microphone attacks
in a blast of supersonic gases
everyone is turning into ashes

atriary flies
up into the sky
work together birds
fly to your freedom

suckas go crazy
when birds is passing
the birds just giggle
as they see their reaction

why? why dont you blow
blow up the world
the whole mutha fuckin world x2

when the night turns still
and a chill is in the air
i poked a giant earlier
but didnt care

i was the same broken
brotha shames hanging same patterns
existant in the shadows of the world

when the promiscuously hairy lady’s
shady maidens

waited patiently
digitally mastering the flavour

*mass masserin da flava
fflaborvlffoalflavorsabarwhash* x100

i got a voice
able to distroy all the microphones

hold on to your belt
your brains gunna melt

submachine dynamics
spreadin vocal panic
across the whole atlantic ocean
force feeding portions of

erosion of a different kind
spreadin virii to your mind
its the end of mankind

even calypso wouldnt try to tip toe
lets go
were gunna save humanity

why!? why!?
have the microphones attacked?!
wheres is our savior?
we gotta get our planet back! x2

in case your interested
whether men or microphone
was left on planet earth

whether we lost the battle
even on our own turf
its perfectly clear to me
why we need people to be vocally stoic heroic
in case of emergency

cullah mc!
cullah mc!
microphones attacked
and then we put on your cd
cullah mc!
cullah mc!
microphones attacked
and then we put on your cd

and now were all free
like we were ment to be


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