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i seem to seek out only folly lovers

i got one arm tied behind my back

(and that’s a matter of fact

and that’s a matter of fact

i got one arm tied behind my back)

i stay awake until the morning comes

on the off chance love might rise with the sun

(and finally bring me some

cause i aint got none

and finally bring me some)

i seem to stumble when i least expect it

i can’t pass it up when the past is rough

(falling on my face

falling far from grace

falling hard from love

falling on my face)

i breathe the air from lake michigan

but i long to see what it’s like on the other side

(what it’s like over there

are they even aware

do they even care

what’s it like over there?)

i’m sick and tired of the uneasy qweeze

building up inside of me

i gotta plan that i’m working out

but i’m still consumed with doubt

all i can do is all i can do

everything else i just misconstrue

i try to find meaning in the words of this song

but i know i’m just doing it wrong

i find my courage from my childhood self

i dreamed every night i’d be somewhere else

now i’m back home again

and can only dream 

of being somewhere else

of being somewhere else

i dreamed i’d be a freaking superstar

being interviewed on late night tv

be on conan obrien

i’d deliver a line

totally without trying

and have everyone crying

sometimes i think i just won’t make it

what if my break already passed?

what if i lost my chance

what if i missed my break

what if i lost my chance

if it’s all happenstance

but then i look out to the morning sun

and i feel my soul is burning bright

shining with the sun

burning bright with love

shining with the sun

a precious gift of hope

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