11. J6 On The Rising Sun
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*bird call* Harmonica in C

i never fall asleep on the rising sun
but ive never tried sleepin with a submachine gun

i got more problems than the average fella’
and i know it don’t help when someone calls me yella’

i wont stop fightin till the deed is done
ill fight all night till i know ive won
thats prolly why i cant sleep on the rising sun

ive never fallen custom to the comfort of a bed
i always end up sleepin on the ground instead

ive never been in love cause ive never had a lover
at least one i can bring home to my mother

ive never liked talkin bout  cars or chicks
id rather talk about the stars, guitars or magic tricks

i was born where the sun rose high
shone right in my eye
and then i went blind
to world around me

but i dont mind
being blind
no more rising sun

no no no no never
never know what im going to endevour

five thousand children born every year
that never had a smile go ear to ear

they were born on the rising sun
went through life never needing anyone
cause they were born on the rising sun

well! I was born on the rising sun!
went through life never needin anyone

when life comes a knockin yea knockin at your door
knockin so hard it knocked it to the floor

you gotta get up with your fists high and raised
fight with such force that the gods should be praised

show em your a man even though
your were born on the rising son

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