12. The Masterful
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the masterful
hope is on the highway
sideways rays blaze for days on a mag lev train

so whats it like
holdin a mic?
when your right leg ignites
thats a similar spectactle
remember, you should be near the receptical.

steady hands stand in the glans of a sand crab
stranded in a trance of dancing clams doin hand stands

some pumpkin of a bumpkin scrounging for nostalgia
stabs a scabbard on the sabbath
only a scabbard not a saber dont worry neighbor

its crazy, its kraft mac n cheese on trial
they have been for a while shit i
was screamin loud first time i heard it

about a month ago
i was stumblin home
i was meetin
to do something about gun control
but i was drunk as a monkey on bannana rum

whatdya expect? its like bad luck is a magnet
selecting only me to magnetize its eyes on
im vaporized

guess what appears outa the bushes?
a bushman standing hands out first
with a four barreled scary lookin shotgun purse

shiit, thats aint nothin but a scabbard
i toldya this would happen in the third verse

but still
i would fill to the tip of a tall water bottle
bossing me around tossing glossy dental floss in my opposite eye
why? it was five percent mine.
i lent him some pennies when he needed a dime

they call me a little girl
where in the world did that fact unfurl?
im like the perferred turtle in the biggest
turtle hurdeling contest in the world

its like respect is left for the best
leaving the rest for a test of time
like swine lining up for a hoof shine make from lemons and limes

what are theses words cullah
they make no sense, there insane

id rule the world
if it wasnt for my st st stutter
it may seem unsane
but its as smooth as b b butter

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