6. Microphone City
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microphone city
plowin through the cabled streets
i feel no pity for the weak
or for selfishness we seek
glowin ever faster
stollin never after
straight desisive truth disaster
collapse and see
i got no  weak positions
preach descisions before
ever inconclusive
pastoral lucid
actoral informal disnormal pollution
ill get a wolf pup to fuck you up
theres no tough made up discust
in formal controlled musk
i have disillusioned time for cruising
radioactive serveyer distracting
me faster than a cheetah has speed
faster then a kitcen spick and span with mr clean
i got time to design a whole line of wine
taste a few a taste anew its a like fresh cut dew
spit on the lawn of winnie the pooh
who knew the old crew could take one for the team
and scream a new dream privvy in the city with
the comitte financing a trance-like scheme
phosphorescent intrepid dynamic words
can trap a rabbit before you even knew it occurred
is it so absurd to prefer the way it were
the way it used to be
i do concur the superannuated amulet is in transit
in a bandits hand next to a old copy of shakespeares hamlet
check one two three
i got more hard work than M I T
believe me when i say i fail when i plead to bleed green greed
disfigure my trigger finger
than maybe itll stop me
from blowing your brains like a banshee leaving no debris
on more shooting sprees
than dogs have fleas
than honeys have dees
or bees for that matter
glance at me once wrong and splatter
your brain and feco matter
im crazier than the mad hatter
im demonized, you surprised?
more dimentia that is doctor advised
psycho manic deppression
is my profession
its out of the question to expect a confession
from a minor with so little direction
a major flaw is all
im larger than midgets are small
im greater than alexander is straight
oh wait, i recall ive brawled him twice
and each time hes tried to grab my dice
if left to my own devices
i would desisivly intice
im hotter than posh spice



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