5. Soul Hip Hop
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flowers go forever
i forever stay at rest
i grabahold of horror
and pass it in a test
i grass it with the best
i travel with the rest

interspace galacticy
is happning so fastly
hope you stop the rappin see
i rastle in a castle see?
ever so magicly
every so magicly

lovers arent the haters
when the hater trys the flavor
sound sweet behavior
with a touch of mooncake later
growth of algea greater
than the savior of the neighbor

open street sesame
flowing with the best of me
great distructive destiny
is hustlin on the jubilee
its very hard to disagree

wheres the doctor smiling
while im practicing some dining
where the fucking sofas lying
where the oak trees stand a dying
where the folk seems that im flying
and hope to see me trying
hastly i pay to see
crazy to the maze to be
wait for me
to take a peek
and wait a week
for what you seek
you can interupt my speech
when im telling
or im yelling

what ever im spellin to the crowdmembers
i remember yellin something i remember
it was last september when the embers
flowered nasty fellers
and the price went to the
greatest heights
in the history of plights
and the crow maggots
fly straight to the bob saggots
of the tight hold rhyme robbers
and the border hoppers
write slime core stoppers
wait a little kid bopper
pop a tiny hole in it
noone try and stop us
or ill pop ya in the

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