10. The Skies Don’t Lie! (But I Does)
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explore the cosmos
dont need a map

a simple space stroll
or is it a trap

cross the galaxy
hunters want my bounty

but my sounds
bounce off of their glass see

many try and catch up
to my space ship

it all fails
when they realize im dangerous

travel on
through the dark matter ocean

look out
see an asteroid approachin

thats a close one
said the ships cordinator

coulda been the
worlds last asphyxiator

i have many
variations of perception

ive been like this
since the day of conception

i see the world
in a swirl of emotion

i see the sky
as i fly in slow motion

brothers yell
as they see me swell in a ball

brings my mind
back to nineteen 94

when the game
was easier than anything

music flowed
like the old colorado springs

terrify the whole
sky into fallin

you take an eye
and ill murder like stalin

usin lasers
every day from my childhood

every single planet that i could

im a pirate
of enormous proportions

turn your body
into many contortions

be afraid
of the day that i come

in my rocket ship
im that space scum

all your parents
tried to warn you about me

but they cant stop
what they even see

the sky dont lie
when cullahs in town
the sky dont lie
when cullahs in town
keep on runnin
keep chasin your sound

now the bof dem
chasin me spaceship

only soon
will my heart beat one skip

let us on to the
warrior graveyard

ima fight till
my faces is all charred

ima a scream its a dream
ima wake up

ima see its real and ill
give up

im the only lonely one
fight brothers with a fist and a gun

wait a sec
theres a lesson i learned back

when i was young and a nice
little student

professer said remember
this section

of your guide to mundane

when your backed
and trapped in a corner

never show your afraid
of murder

take action
make a distraction

never ever ever
trust satisfaction

when your enemys
on there knees clueless

then in a split second
do this

show psychotic idiotic mind fryin wordplay
leave them all stupified in flabbergasted dismay

your a treasonous heathon
when its lyrical season

and the whole time
in rhyme
make em cry till there eyes dried
there there mind dies
and when the times right
take flight
take a spacepod
in the garage
then blast off
in cacoufany montage

call your mom
tell her how swell it is
to hear you say your out of the biz
your a good man now
and your such a swell guy

untill you return to the sky

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