Spectacullah Secrets / Livestream

Hello Patrons.

We are 89 days till the official release of Spectacullah!! Crunch time!

I am 32 days till the songs are all finished and sent to mastering. I should receive the final digital versions of the songs and artwork by February 6. This is unusual for me. The earliest I’ve ever gotten done with the album was Cullahmity (2017) — and that was only a week before! Usually I’m doing last minute things till…the last minute. This year, the pace changed drastically. It’s lots of work but I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to make this album what it is — because of you guys! 🙂 🙂

I am ordering 200 CDs and 300 Vinyl! Crazy, I know, but that’s the best deal! And, they’ll go fast 😉 I got some help with a local startup label here in Milwaukee called Cream City Records, too.

This is what it’s all about! Your return on investment. As patrons you all will continue to receive my albums each year.

What you will receive:

$10: MP3 bonus edition + the new sticker package 🙂 

$25: Associate Producer credit 

$50: Executive Producer credit

$125: Vinyl + song shoutout (if you haven’t gotten one yet)

Lastly, I figured it would be a great thing to sit and Livestream a listening party with all of you before the album is released. I would love to hear your feedback and reactions! I’m thinking April 25 or something.

What do you guys think?