Digital Discography


Get all the mp3s of Cullah’s albums in one click.

Here you can download them as an all-in-one file bundle with bonus materials!

I release all my music for free — and I will for as long as I can. You can always download them, for free, in my discography section.

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After purchase, you will receive a link in your email with a link to download. That link will point to a zipped file containing the entire discography.

The file will contain each album in high quality MP3 files at 320 kb/s
The full size of the discography is ~1.2 GB

  1. ½ (2021) [Bonus]
  2.  Cullahtivation (2020) [Bonus]
  3. Spectacullah (2019) [Bonus]
  4. Cullahsus (2018) 
  5. Cullahmity (2017) [Bonus]
  6. Trinity (2016)
  7. Cullah The Wild (2015)
  8. Cullahnary School (2014)
  9. Be Love Not Fear (2013)
  10. Pack -a- Clones (2011)
  11. All The Cullahs Of The Rainbow (2010)
  12. E=MC Cullah (2009)
  13. Killah Cullah (2008)
  14. MC Cullah (2007)
  15. Adolessonce (2006)

If you have any issues, please contact me and it will get sorted ASAP.