Pack -A- Clones (Sweet) [Jewel Case CD]


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In 2012, I released my album Pack -A- Clones. Originally, it was a 2-CD multi-tape. A sweet side and an evil side. Available only at

Please enjoy listening to the album on a Jewel Case CD.

Ships Internationally!

1. A Dangerous Game
2. Quite The Choir
3. Sweet as Pie
4. Mind Spittin Cullahs
5. Never Stop
6. Forty Seven
7. My Mental Gets Phatter
8. Sour as Pie
9. Bit by Bit
10. I’ll Never Understand
11. Make it Funky
12. Freshin up your taste
13. Sixty Five
14. Western Firefight 2
15. Root Down Flip
16. Hypnotize (MC Cullah Remix)

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