11. As Above, So Below
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everything that’s created
is destroyed

evertime i smile i frown
everytime i fear i love
everything that i see around me

take a moment to look around
know life is just a mystery
the answer never found
so you might as well go with it

everything you were told
or you told yourself

it turned out it was wrong
it turned out you didn’t know nothing
you didn’t know nothing no

but it’s cool because you knew it the whole time
you knew how much you didn’t know
you knew that you’d probably fail
so you might as well go with it

try be alive with it
try to be fine with it
live life in the moment
so when life ends
then life starts over again

again and again and again
it starts all over again
and you wanna be riding
blindly abiding
striving for a time we
never have to hide from
what lies inside of
all the people
hungering and fumbling around

Song Notes

Written and Produced: Cullah

Mixing: Michael Noyce

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