10. Not Naught
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i was born
inside of
a computer

i was made
by a digital phase
on a quantum wave
from the future

i was programmed
to transcend
expand, exhale
and enhance your mind

i internetworked till it worked
i propagated my bit rate
on through a logic gate
to the palace of my fate
where i played my own sound
and i burned it all down

“i come from the digital dimension
with a discrete mind
and my quantum soul
feel finally whole
i’m fully digital
with no more flesh at all”

01001111 01000010 01000101 01011001
00100000 01011001 01001111 01010101


I’ve come from your mind
and I’ve come for your mind
I’m comfortably kind
to show you it’s time
the need here is dire
to finally conspire
to burn down empire
embrace all that fire
and direct it to
the dragon in you
to feed it desire
and make your life true
not false
not 0
not null
not naught
but true

Song Notes

Written and Produced: Cullah

Mixing: Michael Noyce

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