9. Chuckling Duckling
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chuckling duckling
waddling to the water

far behind his mother
happy in a saunter

he takes his time
to realize
his floppy feet
and beady eyes
carry him to
his first sunrise

becoming whole

roaming coyote
spying the deer dying

waiting for the right time
to take his meal without trying

take his meal
on his own
take it to
his pups at home
give them food to
help them grow

on the roam

warrior warbler
fighting for the right flight

migrating and locating
land safe for the warblers

fighting hard
against the winds
taking hits
and skimming limbs
all to make his nest again

flying on

Song Notes

Written and Produced: Cullah

Recording Engineer: William Gardiner

Guitar/Vox: Patrick Mullen

Vox: Monica Murphy

Fiddle: Joe Wais

Upright Bass: George Ballestreros

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