3. Grandmaster Blues
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ive been far and ive been wide baby
i even sailed to the seven seas
but i  aint never seen that something
and thats your eyes staring at me

pack up my suitcase
head on down the road
and maybe when i come back
by then my love might have even showed

i dont want no skinny woman
or one whose got no sense of style

i wanna girl with the diamond ring on her finger
the one who knows how to shake that thing
i just cant find that girl nowhere
and untill i do ima stay alone

if we can learn to love eachother
then the truth will set you free
or maybe pain and sorrow theres no tomorrow
will take a hold of me

im all alone
baby wont you come along and hold me
i aint the seventh son
but i know where im from

lets head on
dead on dead on down the highway
and maybe when we come back
by then you will have seen things my way

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