2. I Don’t Mind It
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i can bite you on your arm

(it tastes delicious)

like a flushred appleskin


i know you don’t mean harm

(you seem suspicious)

but you’re smile is quite enchanting



a thread of your hair

sewn with your needle stare

and a rhinestone glare

a wave of fiery love

taking full control

and swallowed me whole

stop. look

are you hip to the sound?

are your hips turning round?

is your lost soul found?

i can find it

i don’t mind it

i’ll be kind

give it slack

before i wind it


but I don’t mind it

(he doesn’t mind it)

I don’t mind it

(he doesn’t mind it)

I don’t mind it

(he doesn’t mind it)

I don’t mind it, no

(he doesn’t mind it)


i know i’m not the only one

(who feels this way)

to have his heart beat slowly


i just want to have some fun

(so fun)

and feel a bit less lonely




i never will hear the warning

that you might be sounding

i just feel my face warming

and my heart start pounding

pounding for your love


Song Notes

Backing Vocals: Monica Murphy

Mixing: Michael Noyce

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