2. I Got One Thing
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i got one thing you dont

i got blues
but its funky
i got blues
but their funky

i lack a pass to the past
stash cash in the future

fast hands heal my wounds
with a voodoo sound suture

grab my ass ass inate
then proliferate a new state
leave no challanger unchallanged

im rough and tumblin
often crumblin
buildings when stumbin
bumblin bum bum bum bumblin
blah blah blah blah blah nonsense
my rhymes bent
my minds spent
but no matter cuz

but wait!
but its funky!

i got blues
but its funky
i got blues
but their funky

i may have blues
but i never lose my true color
im tellin you the truth
or my name aint cullah

my poppas got a bag
and its brand spanking new
my words may be rubber
cause my actions are glue

i will scream
i will wail
i will scream till my dream will prevail

i will yell
i will cry
i will cry a whole well from my eye

but its funky!

o dear lord
whyd you make me keep my soul
dont you know its worth its weight in gold?

i could buy a sportscar
i could buy a yacht
i could even be like
fitzgerald f scott

leave it to me
to be the key to see the crown prince
when im done with him
youll have to dust for prints

call me a usurper
call me a demon
call me whatever
just know this

i got blues
but its funky
i got blues
but their funky

i got a case of a rare new
blue type of flu
one where its funky
and even groovy too

im feeling kindof sick
my feet start to kick
then my hips start
goin that way and this

its some kindof infection
its some sort of disease
it can only be cured
by moving your knees

when its all through
theres one thing to do
tell all your brothers
bout cullah and soon

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