3. Possibilities
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got one leg
pogo stick for the other

bouncing up and down
dont even blow my cover

cullah to the rescue
if you dare test me
best be
ready for the fury of the century

messed with the
questioned ethics
slums of the crown
tears of a clown
birds of the sound
and the sound swims around
on the ground

whats in the mind
when youre with it
whats on the mind
when you witness it


look up to
the starry sky

close your eyes
dream of somewhere

bluebirds swim
and dolphins fly

when knowledge comes
its runs and runs
its like an officer
with his gun


hope you like
to wonder why

board the plane
to the brain

see what mysteries
well find

your only
option is the sane way
hold steady
ready for the knowledge ray

a rowdy ronny only rode roads
quit calmy stubbing all your toes

quick steady ready freddy your turn
roam a lonely patch of dirt and earthworms

our lives are young
our minds are numb
its a condition of a temporary one

im gunna be civil
when mind is torn
but your eyes went sizzle
when you stared in the storm
and the crowdsmen cheer
turned it up 10 gears
when i yell this call you
pump up the volume

when knowledge comes
its runs and runs
its like an officer
with his gun

when the mountain rises
higher than the sky
your only hope
is asking where and why

silence is golden
untill your lips are tied
itll close your mind
you cant see whats inside

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