7. No Matter What You Do
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when you long to do
what you want to do
but you can’t seem to
no matter what you do

youre all beat up
and all beat down
lost in the world
nowhere to be found
where’s the hope?
where’s the love?

take a deep breath
take a look around
its you whose got the power
it’s fear you should devour
stop thinking about things
you won’t change
no matter what you do

you got to take control
to get to your goal
you gotta rise up
to elevate your soul
you gotta be love
you can’t be fear
if you wanna be you

i am the powerful and sourful terrorizor
i react to the action of a few
i am the hatefullest and fatefullest entity
born in a storm of warnings that acrued

i got a message of some dressage for your senses
take a second to heighten your defenses
i take the walls and i turn them into fenses
you’ll have to live or die the consequences

i am actually a mortifying actuary
i calculate the risk of existence
i got a scale that prevails over failing
i am the judge to bregrudge when you’re ailing

be very weary of myself the actuary
no person should worsen when thirsting for knowledge
you gotta know that you should always be love now
no matter what you do

Song Notes

Written and Produced: Cullah

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