2. Rocket Into The Future
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poundin in my stereo
i dont even care at all

black dogs run away
but space travels here to stay

i can use a jetpack
never ever tunrnin back

travel through time
till i see the sunshine

in a great sky rocket
that fits in your pocket

electrons and protons
detonates the photons

blowin up the stereo
in a lot of treble now

glisten in the sun now
where the skies shake loud

intergalactic mind cruisin
in the atmospheric back door  
the world screams i dont want any more

lightning tornado of impending doom
combust your way to inside my room

torrent your powers into my head
make this chasm implode with dread

self distructing bombs
are exploding at will

but nothing can stop me
when i take this pill

echoing laughter
is drilling my brain

i dream it in vein
its me going insane

i reason with treason to rectify the world
i plead with greed to sanctify my mind unfurled

Song Notes

Written and Produced: Cullah

Gated Synth Sample: edge_reallusion iclone

Old Radio Voice:

Drum Sample: Hot and Horny

All other Instruments: Cullah

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