12. The Power of Flight
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most people cant fly
i can
but if i get any higher
ill trigger heaven's trip wire
spiral down and down
while i hear the viral sound
of hope and smile
and find out
it was all worthwile

go straight to the back
if the streets in tact

one of mine

go to this place
pop quiz
where it at
where the grass grows
from your nose to your toes

where the sound blows
from ya knees to the trees
music distress
one less
quick like a prom dress
wait like a pound less

i aint no miz
im a mista
thankya very much
ill missya

goodbye and such
keep in touch
on the couch
with a slouch

one for the money
two for my car
three easter bunnies
four twenty guitars

five six
kool aid mix
pickin up sticks
is for loser kids
put a lid on that
take a look back

and realize
i breath fire
i spit saphire desire

frair tuck
dont aquire much
he couldnt afford
health insurance
took allegience
with an audience
of a man who was brainsick
questin after a chick
robbin the rich to feed his itch
selfishly one handed
he brutally commanded
the poor
to break down doors
disrupt the already corrupt government
inturrupt prince john
he did nothing wrong
just along for the ride
he was just a spectacle
he was dr. jekyll
robin his own damn hyde

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