11. Till At Last
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what’s the sound of the falling leaves?

it’s the crinkling and rustling around in the breeze

while summer slumbers

it’s sleeping for love

what’s the sound of the calling heart

aching and mistaken and nearly split apart

into pieces

in little pieces of love

what’s the sound a big drum beat

booming and stopping

resuming and stomping your feet

ooh it’s the beat of love

what’s the smell of the robin’s call?

does it puncture like the pungence

of the coming fall?

through wind and all

as perfume of love

what’s the matter with my staggering feet?

its a manner of a stammer in my big heart beat

when I wonder

when I wonder of love

What’s the sound of a chorus ring?

when the children start their singing

about innocent things

about autumn

and we listen with love

autumn winds begin to blow

colored leaves fall fast and slow

twirling, whirling, all around

till at last, they touch the ground

Song Notes

Female Vox: Nora McCullough

Everything Else: Cullah

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