April 27, 2022


Album Notes

Artwork: Hymn of Dreams
Executive Producers:
Emily Bell, Tim McCullough, Andrew J Lynch, Ryno The Bearded and The #OO Show, Rocky Shattuck, Half Pint Hollow Farm, Knightdale NC, Ginny McCullough
Associate Producers:
Kevin McCullough, Ben Y, Seth Rosenberg, Kyle Owens, Philip Emery, Chassy Tauberman, Mary Nell Wolff, Ray Kampmeier, Kudret Demirdogen, Melissa Weishaar, John Pires, Tim Creed, Matt Landi, Malik Alsherees, Amy S Blank, Michele Rosado, L. Brendan Jenks, The DRB, Mike Boelman, Christopher Lisowski, Nancy Angelini, Cassy Spahr, Steven William Cooper, Candra, Matt Thomas

Song Credits:

The Golden Apple

Fiddle: Joe Wais
Bass: John Christensen
Recording Engineer: Cheston Van Huss
Recorded at Hear Here Presents

The Anima

Backing Vox: Treccy MT
Drums: Zach Hubert
Cello: Ben Boehm
Engineer: Cheston Van Huss
Recorded at Hear Here Presents

The King

Bass: Tlalok Rodriguez
Drums: Peter Behlmer
Keys: Anthony Deutsch
Baritone Saxophone: D’mato
Engineer: Josh Evert
Recorded at Silver City Studios


“Eclectic-eccentric artist Cullah is finally out with his 16th album. Always reinventing and innovating his sound with his annual records, Cullah embraces quality over quantity here. He explores the territories of folk, soul and electronica here, weaving his sonically varied ideas together cohesively into something stylish and entertaining. There’s fewer tracks on “Firebird” than Cullah’s previous output but what’s here is densely layered with variegated musicianship while getting philosophical and divine lyrically.”

– Ben Slowey (Breaking & Entering)

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