Pack -A- Clones (Evil) [Jewel Case CD]


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In 2012, I released my album Pack -A- Clones. Originally, it was a 2-CD multi-tape. A sweet side and an evil side. Available only at

Please enjoy listening to the album on a Jewel Case CD.

Ships Internationally!

1. Slim Jiminy Jim
2. Old Western Firefight
3. Gas Station Robbery
4. Robot Frolicking Through a Meadow
5. Port Mento Ahead!
6. Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein
7. Forty Eight
8. Yea Yea Yea
9. A Little Hippity Hoppity
10. Italian Singing Hip Hop
11. Marry Do You Wanna?
12. 8bit Five (ft j6)
13. Twenty Six
14. GroOvy
15. Never Trust The Devil
16. Fifty Nine

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