3. Runaway
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Say no more I’ve had enough
of calling all your every bluff

as battles raged in silent wars
you never meant to make me yours

my love grew on our rotten wood
to giveth fruit’s forgotten good

but who I am i? All captives giveth
so take my heart I shall not miss it

even if you run
even when i go
even if you run

why did you run
run away?

why did you run
run away from me?

why did you go
you could have stayed, you know

why did you run
you should have stayed

run away!
run away!
run away!
run away!

I could forgive you
and I could forget you

i want to so badly
i’m aching so madly

i’m all alone
why did you go?
why did you run?

run away!
run away!
run away!
run away!

Song Notes

Written and Produced: Cullah

Mixing: Michael Noyce

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