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Written and Produced: Cullah

All Instruments:rnCullah


all the world’s wretched words
you’re rest assured that i have heard
in smokey skies and infant cries
all of my lies fly high in pride
fortune and fortune
and gold and gold
i’m told i’ll get my fortune and gold
but i feel cold and left alone
to sit idly by my graveyard stone
all the dark and dreary nights
i stand alone in terror and fright
crying out my pain and fear
into the silence i hold dear
The breeze, the breath of God – is still
and kills my cold and frozen shrill
soft yet broken my body free falls
though shattered glass and haunting halls
all my thoughts
turn into oughts
could of beens
should of beens
whether i’m free or not
all my sadness
banished, it’s madness!
it’s vanished and never coming back
my face to the floor
heart racing no more
these lungs i adore
have rot to the core
in my last weakened swallow
my heart becomes hallowed
as the lands in my mind become fallow
soon the end will come to pass
the future and present give way to past
you’ll leave this cold and fragile world
to dance upon the starlit whirl of
truth becomes irrational
and love becomes love actual
you try to react in time for action
but the fever has grown and killed your sorry soul