1. Moonlove Funk



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how you gonna try to be someone

when no people can see you oohh

how you goona try to open those doors

when you don’t use the handle haaa

you cant walk till you move and you’re in control

ride the groove be in touch with the vibrations

oooohh oohh yeah, ride those vibrations

whne you gotta be the hero

you don’t know 

what it is 

what to do 

how to do it

but what you need to do

is fight through

all the powers in your hands

it’s what you know to be true

who should we listen to?

how can we knnow it’s true?

where is the power in my hands?

i’m not really seeing clearly

oh dear me

i grow weary

but i ain’t stoppin anytime soon

so hear me

ohh i feel love inside ugh

ohh it’s like a rising tide

ohhh i feel the love from you

ohhhh i’m like a man on the moon

yeah yeah

gimme the sounds of compassion

yeah yeah

gimme grounds for some passion

yea yeah

move your body and enhance love

yeah yeah

keep it moving for elation

yeah yeah

gimme kisses and some hugs too

yeah yeah

i’ll hug all day if i have to

if you cant see it

then how will you dream it?

and if you can’t dream it

then how will you be it?

so you better beat it

if you won’t believe it

because if it ain’t you dreaming

than it’s gonna be me