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Music: Cullah - "The Birth of Phanes"
Under CC BY license:

Make it simpler
Music by Cullah

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Drums: Zach Hubert
Mixing: Mike Noyce


and so
you know
you’re just
a child in the dark
you see
your all
alone at night you know
the dark
ness very
well you see the
concious forming light
within the dark
they must require
a sacrificing of
what you think you know
what are you waiting for?
what are you waiting for?
what are you waiting for?
what are you waiting for?
the concious to be formed?

the concious to be formed
requries the darkness and no more
no more
no more
what are you waiting for?
no more
no more
a conciousness to be formed?

please say it quietly
whisper it to noone
keep his secret safe and tell no soul
every child born’s in the dark
as conciousness to grow
do not fear the dark and what you may see
for all those images
and all those forms
are as you are
and will always be

such is darkness
so is light
there a function all the same
as above its
so below
be love
and be fear